4 CDエs.................................................. Pistas: 1-01 傍he Dukes Of Stratosphear Vanishing Girl 1-02 豊yres Help You Ann 1-03 烹angles The Real World 1-04 傍he Barracudas* We're Living In Violent Times 1-05 傍he Nashville Ramblers The Trains 1-06 妨atermelon Men Seven Years 1-07 傍he Smithereens Strangers When We Meet 1-08 傍he Soft Boys Wading Through A Ventilator 1-09 芳lamin' Groovies* I Can't Hide 1-10 傍he Fleshtones The Girl From Baltimore 1-11 傍hat Petrol Emotion It's A Good Thing 1-12 傍he Stems She's Fine 1-13 傍he Point (3) All My Life 1-14 傍he Creeps Down At The Nightclub 1-15 傍he Spongetones (My Girl) Maryanne 1-16 亡alvation Army She Turns To Flowers 1-17 傍he Rain Parade* You Are My Friend 1-18 傍he Inmates (2) Mr. Unreliable 1-19 砲hris Stamey And The dB's (I Thought) You Wanted To Know 1-20 傍he Last She Don't Know Why I'm Here (Single Version) 1-21 烹iff, Bang, Pow!* There Must Be A Better Life 1-22 傍he Lime Spiders Slave Girl 1-23 傍he Posies I May Hate You Sometimes 1-24 傍he Times I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape 1-25 傍he Pandoras It's About Time 1-26 傍he Swingin' Neckbreakers I Live For Buzz 1-27 傍he Hoodoo Gurus* I Want You Back 2-01 傍he Godfathers This Damn Nation 2:46 2-02 傍he Dream Syndicate Tell Me When It's Over 3:33 2-03 傍he Prisoners Whenever I'm Gone 2:47 2-04 傍he Cramps New Kind Of Kick 3:29 2-05 傍he Long Ryders And She Rides 4:31 2-06 乏evillos* Motorbike Beat 2:23 2-07 傍he Vipers (4) Tears (Only Dry) 2:57 2-08 傍he Dukes Of Stratosphear 25 O'Clock 5:05 2-09 豊yres Don't Give It Up Now 3:37 2-10 砲hris Stamey And The dB's If And When 2:40 2-11 傍he Untamed Youth* Pabst Blue Ribbon 2:42 2-12 傍he La's There She Goes 2:43 2-13 坊ibrasonic Kingsley J. 4:33 2-14 傍he Crawdaddys I Can Never Tell 2:45 2-15 傍he Green Telescope Make Me Stay 3:06 2-16 傍he Plimsouls Everyday Things 2:29 2-17 傍he Soft Boys I Wanna Destroy You 2:53 2-18 邦ickey* & The Milkshakes* It's You 2:18 2-19 傍he Posies Apology 5:15 2-20 傍he Bevis Frond Lights Are Changing 4:57 2-21 傍he Droogs* Ahead Of My Time 2:41 2-22 傍he Funseekers Welcome To My Love 2:48 2-23 傍he Revolving Paint Dream* Flowers In The Sky 2:25 2-24 傍eenage Fanclub Metal Baby 3:39 3-01 傍he Church The Unguarded Moment 3-02 傍he Barracudas* I Can't Pretend 3-03 縫ied Pretty Out Of The Unknown 3-04 傍he Last L.A. Explosion 3-05 芳lamin' Groovies* I'll Cry Alone 3-06 褒ulian Cope Sunspots (Single Remix) 3-07 豊ipstick Killers* Hindu Gods Of Love 3-08 萌reen On Red Death And Angels 3-09 傍he Sinners (2) Barbed Wire Heart 3-10 傍he Chills Pink Frost 3-11 傍he Chesterfield Kings She Told Me Lies 3-12 傍he Smithereens Beauty And Sadness 3-13 傍he Mummies Test Drive 3-14 縫MZ (2) Busy Man (E.P. Version) 3-15 傍he Stems Love Will Grow 3-16 傍he Spongetones She Goes Out With Everybody 3-17 傍he Plimsouls Hypnotized 3-18 傍he Unclaimed No Apology 3-19 傍eenage Fanclub God Knows It's True 3-20 傍he Hoods You Keep On Lyin' 3-21 傍he Sting-Rays Don't Break Down 3-22 傍he Fleshtones The World Has Changed 3-23 傍he Cynics (2) Baby What's Wrong 3-24 豊aika & The Cosmonauts Psycko (Themes From Psycho And Vertigo) 3-25 傍he Jigsaw Seen My Name Is Tom 4-01 鳳rimal Scream Gentle Tuesday 4-02 傍he Three O'Clock With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend 4-03 傍he Hoodoo Gurus* Like Wow - Wipeout! 4-04 傍he Fuzztones Bad News Travels Fast 4-05 亡un Dial Plains Of Nazca (Single Version) 4-06 傍he Bangs* Getting Out Of Hand 4-07 邦ickey* & The Milkshakes* Please Don't Tell My Baby 4-08 傍he Rain Parade* One Half Hour Ago 4-09 傍he Aardvarks You're My Loving Way 4-10 亡creaming Trees Transfiguration 4-11 剖nited States Of Existence A Scandal In Bohemia 4-12 傍he Nomads (2) Where The Wolf Bane Blooms 4-13 傍he Vipers (4) Cheated And Lied 4-14 傍he Dentists Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden (And It's Wintertime) 4-15 傍ell-Tale Hearts* Won't Need Yours 4-16 蜂nspiral Carpets Weakness 4-17 邦iracle Workers You'll Know Why 4-18 傍he Unknowns Not My Memory 4-19 傍he Prisoners Far Away 4-20 傍he Optic Nerve Ain't That A Man 4-21 鳳lasticland Mink Dress 4-22 傍he Raybeats Tight Turn (Album Version) 4-23 傍he Nerves One Way Ticket 4-24 傍he Wondermints* Tracy Hide (Cover Version) .................. Si no encuentras lo que buscas, por favor ve a 鼎ont當tenos o escribe un correo a fracturerecordsmatriz@gmail.com y pregntanos por tu artculo. Muchos de ellos los trabajamos de manera personalizada Los precios est疣 sujetos a cambios sin previo aviso.
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